The unknown life and death of Paula Hitler

Paula and Adolf Hitler

Much has been written about Adolf Hitler, one of the historical figures with the greatest impact in Europe and in the world. However, many were unaware of the life that Paula, the dictator’s sister, led. Paula, unlike her brother, spent much of her life in poverty. A life that, for a long time, was not exactly lived as Paula Hitler, but under the name of Paula Wolf.

Paula’s Early Years

Paula Hitler was born on January 21, 1896, and was the daughter of a middle-class German family. She was the youngest daughter of Alois and Klara Hitler. …

Many advances and customs have evolved thanks to the efforts of each of them

Women who had made history

Throughout history, many women have fought for a prominent place in a world that seemed to be dominated by men.

Many advances and customs have changed over the years thanks to their effort, which, in one way or another, has marked a before and after. This article only collects fifteen women who have managed to stand out, out of the many who have. Below you can find what has been the grain of sand of each one of them.

Malala Yousafzai

Malala is an activist for civil rights, especially for women in Pakistan’s Swat River Valley, where the Taliban regime prohibits girls…

The life, rule, and death of the youngest queen of Egypt


One of the best-known Egyptian queens was undoubtedly Cleopatra. Lover of Julius Caesar, she had a tragic end that would seal the destiny of Egypt. She was the last queen of Ancient Egypt belonging to the Ptolemaic dynasty, founded by Ptolemy I, one of Alexander the Great’s generals, and the last queen belonging to the Hellenistic period of Egypt.

Her full name was Cleopatra Filopator Nea Thea, although she is known as Cleopatra VII or simply Cleopatra. She was born in 69 BC and her parents were Ptolemy XII and Cleopatra V. She was an educated woman who had knowledge…

This is how Alois Hitler instigated his son to become the monster we know

Alois and Adolf Hitler

The figure of Adolf Hitler continues to be a relevant topic to talk about in today’s academic environment. Millions of deaths behind him and the main villain of World War II, each new information sheds light on the mind of the man who wanted to dominate Europe above any other race and ideology that was not his.

Earlier this year, Austrian historian Roman Sandgruber published the first biography of Alois Hitler, father of the German dictator, and it is based mainly on 31 unpublished letters discovered three years ago. …

The greatest conqueror in history: King of Macedonia, Hegemon of Greece, Pharaoh of Egypt, and Great King of Media and Persia.

The legend of this painting, “Alexander cutting the Gordian Knot,” is that in 333 B.C. at Gordium, Phrygia, Alexander the Great, unable to untie the knot, sliced it with his sword. Jean-Simon Berthelemy (1743–1811), a French history painter, painted this oil on canvas.

Alexander’s military career is exemplary. No one ever won so much with so much disproportion of means, nor traveled such enormous distances or obtained so many territories in such a short span of time. When he died, Alexander no longer knew where to lead his army because he had conquered practically everything he set out to do without losing a single battle.

Two years before crossing the Hellespont, “the Strait of Dardanelles”, the maritime corridor that separates Europe from Asia, the Macedonian King Philip II, father of the great conqueror, had been assassinated at the wedding of his own daughter…

African American inventor Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner

Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner and her the sanitary belt.

Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner was an African-American inventor known for her development of the adjustable sanitary belt, although racial discrimination caused her patent for the sanitary belt to be delayed for thirty years. Kenner was the inventor of numerous products we use today and has the most patents of any African American woman.

Kenner was born on May 17, 1912, in Monroe, North Carolina. Her father was inventor Sidney Nathaniel Davidson, and her mother is unknown to the public records; she had one sibling, her sister, Mildred Davidson Austin Smith.

Kenner patented multiple inventions in her 40s, however, she began…

The 2017 Las Vegas shooting

Mandalay Bay Hotel and Route 91 Harvest country music festival grounds

The 2017 Las Vegas shooting was a mass shooting that occurred on October 1, 2017 in the city of Las Vegas, in the state of Nevada, United States, during the celebration of the Route 91 Harvest country music festival. It is considered the deadliest shooting in the history of the United States, leaving 59 deaths and 851 wounded.

The Shooting

The first shots began after 10 p.m., during the closing performance of the country singer Jason Aldean. After moments of uncertainty, when some confused the sounds of the blasts with the pyrotechnics of the festival, the public began to run, and the…

The most innovative ideas in history that changed the course of the world

Photo by SUNBEAM PHOTOGRAPHY on Unsplash

The great inventions in history are often those that we use on a daily basis and that go unnoticed because we have become accustomed to using them. Throughout history, man has had ingenious ways of solving problems, expanding knowledge, and facilitating our well-being. These are some of the purposes behind the inventions that changed the world. All these important inventions in history are a symbol of the human capacity to create.


Anesthesia was a before and after in the field of health and a great step for social well-being. It is important because its discovery allowed medical interventions to last…

The queen who was imprisoned, murdered, dismembered, burned, and abandoned in no man’s land

Queen Alexandra Romanov. Source

Of all stories about princesses and queens that can be told, Alexandra Romanov’s is the saddest of all. This beautiful and melancholic princess has something that makes her different from the others. She was taken prisoner, murdered, dismembered, burned, and abandoned in no-man’s-land. To this day, it is still not possible to say with certainty who ordered that crime and why.

Here is the sad and beautiful story of Alexandra Romanov, the princess of the sad eyes and of, even more, the sad destiny. A princess who became empress of the most powerful Court in Europe and ended up being…

Unveliable behaviors accepted by society in ancient times

Laws have existed since ancient times, when the most advanced civilizations considered it necessary to find a system to guarantee peaceful coexistence and political organization in the territory. We can find laws that since those times we continue to follow today, however, there are many others, which in their time were considered the most normal, but which today seem just unbelievable to us. These are some of them:

The Ur-Nammu Code is a Sumerian code of laws drawn up between 2100 and 2050 BC. which probably inspired the writing of the Code…

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